Town of Sheldon 
A Right to Farm Community
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Town of Sheldon Assessment, Planning, Zoning & Tax Information

Grievance Day is Tuesday, June 11, 2019 from 4-8pm at the Sheldon Town Hall.

Town of Sheldon Assessment Services are handled by the Wyoming County Office for Real Property Tax Services.  
Phone 585-786-8828
Office Hours:  at the Wyoming County office located at 143 North Main St., Warsaw, NY 14569

Visit the Wyoming County Real Property Services webpage for information on tax rates, exemption applications including STAR, Veterans, Senior Citizens, etc.

Income Verification Form (IVP) (

Senior/Aged Exemption form (

Board of Assessment Review Members

Ron Barvian, Chairman
Jason Kehl
Dan Henneberger
Tom Hyman
Cindy Stoddard

Tax Collector
The Town Tax Collector is Donna Almeter. 
If you need a copy of a tax bill, please contact Donna at 585-535-0329. 
Mailing address:  Donna Almeter, Sheldon Tax Collector, 3014 Bartz Rd., Strykersville, NY 14145

Please take further notice, that taxes may be paid to the undersigned without interest on or before the thirty-first day of January.  Taxes received after such day shall have interest added at the rate of 1% for the month of February and 2% for the month of March.  Unpaid taxes will be returned to the Wyoming County Treasurer, March 31st with additional penalties and interest.  

View and print copies of your tax bill here

Zoning Permits & Information
The Town Zoning Officer Alyssa Cutcliffe at Wyoming County Building & Codes

Phone:  585-786-3152

Building permits are required for most buildings and additions, such as decks, porches, sheds, pools, etc.  If you have any questions regarding acquiring a building permit please call Wyoming County Building & Codes at 585-786-3152.  

To view and print zoning applications for the Town of Sheldon, please visit:
Planning Board

Town Planning Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Sheldon Town Hall at 7PM.  

Planning Board Members 
Wayne Abbott, Chairman
Deborah Kirsch 
Mary Kehl
Don Pawlak
Jeff Nixon  
Kathy Roberts
Secretary to the Planning Board:  Whitney Kehl


Table of Contents
Town of Sheldon Zoning Law
Addendum 1 - Minimum Yard Requirements - Primary Building
Addendum 2 - Minimum Yard Requirements - Accessory Building
Addendum 3 - Principal Uses Chart
Addendum 4 - Preserving Greenspace

Zoning Map

Comprehensive Plan 
To view a copy of the new Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2017 please click here